Fine Arts Diploma Seal

We will have an informational video posted closer to the start of school. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Grimes in the orchestra room or [email protected] (please use this e-mail address for diploma seal related questions).

Dear The Class of 2021 Fine Arts Students,

We have been selected to award the State of Georgia’s new fine arts diploma seal beginning with the Class of 2017. To apply, you will complete the online form on the orchestra website under Fine Arts Diploma Seal. You must apply by Tuesday, September 1, 2020 at midnight.  Link to application:

You will be writing/checking off the following requirements.

1)   Complete four years of a fine arts class as an enrolled student. Audit students are not eligible for this honor. This will be verified with a transcript check.

Band, Chorus, and Orchestra: all four years in the program.
Art: three years of a visual art class plus one of the following options: 1) One additional year of visual arts 2) one year of Graphic Arts class 3) AP Art History

2)   Participate in two fine arts related extracurricular activities. This is defined as something outside of the school day that requires extra commitment. Examples include

  • Tri-M: National Music Honor Society
  • National Art Honor Society
  • International Thespian Society
  • marching band
  • jazz band
  • tour choir
  • tour orchestra
  • percussion ensemble
  • Chamber Music Society
  • color guard
  • winter guard
  • leadership team in band, chorus, or orchestra
  • Drama Club
  • Singer-Songwriter Club
  • Jazz Club
  • Music Appreciation Club
  • Diversity Dance Club
  • All State Band, Orchestra, and Chorus
  • District Honor Band, Chorus, and Orchestra
  • Audition preparation for All State or District Honor Ensemble
  • Georgia’s Honors Program in music or fine arts
  • Orchestra camps
  • Band camps
  • Braves/Hawks/College game performances
  • Chorus fashion show/silent auction
  • Pit orchestra
  • Tutoring middle school and fellow high school student
  • Taking private lessons
  • Community event performances
  • PTSA Reflections
  • Musical or play involvement
  • Foundation for Hospital art
  • Teacher prep assistance
  • Volunteering to perform at local nursing home
  • Creating art work for school and community
  • Other: must be approved by Mrs. Grimes

3)   Obtain 20 hours of community service related to the arts over the period of four years at Walton.  Practice time for community performances in addition to director service hours will count for this. Students will account for a minimum of 20 hours.

4)   Submitting a capstone presentation video that is .mov or .m4a. This should be a 2-5 minute video presentation given about your experiences in the fine arts programs at Walton. You must include how you see fine arts impacting your life in the future. You may use PowerPoint with a voiceover pictures with a voiceover, or  standard/creative video. Be creative!! You need to post your Capstone to FlipGrid by Tuesday, March 2, 2021. Fine Arts Diploma Seal Flip Grid Instructions


Sample Presentations
Sample Presentation:

Preview YouTube video Fine Arts Diploma


Questions? E-mail Mrs. Grimes at [email protected]