This will be the third year of the Tri-M Music Honor Society at Walton!  You must be a senior and have been in orchestra, band, or chorus for all four years to be eligible. Please come to the informational meeting on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 at 12:50PM in the orchestra room for the required forms and information.

October Update: 

Just a friendly reminder that you should be working on your community involvement and director assistance hours for Fall 2017. Lara Bassil (chorus), Jack Steber (orchestra), and Colette Frickey (band) will be promoting opportunities to earn hours, so please speak with them if you are not sure of how to earn hours.
Your completed tracking sheet is due on Friday, December 15, 2017 between 12:30-1:00PM in the orchestra room. If you are absent on this date, you may only turn it in late with an excused note/pass from PPO on the day you return to school. Otherwise, no late forms will be accepted. Please do not plan to turn them in early as I will not be in the building to receive the forms (I will be on maternity leave). If you lose/have lost your tracking sheet, please copy a friend’s sheet.