Cobb County funds only a small portion of the annual expense of running our wonderful Walton Orchestras program.  The general operating budget of Walton Orchestras is which is used to purchase music and instruments as well as to pay competition fees and clinicians. To assist in meeting this budget our Booster club, the Walton Raider Orchestra Guild Inc. coordinates several fundraisers.

In addition to the general operating budget, a student’s family should anticipate paying annual orchestra fees, camp fees, and banquet tickets. Trips necessitate additional costs.

Through our fundraising programs, students not only assist the orchestra in reaching its general operation budget but they can also earn funds which can be used to offset costs for trips and fees.

  • Orchestra Patron Program
    The Orchestra Patron Program is the Orchestra’s largest annual fundraiser, providing much of the needed funding for our program.  Starting August 10, students may begin soliciting sponsorships and donations from area businesses and patrons.  Advertisements from businesses and patrons are published in our concert programs, and for concert-level sponsors, on our annual t-shirt.  Any student obtaining $100.00 or more in total sales qualifies to attend the annual WROGE aka: “The Event.” For more information please see these documents Patron Program 2016-2017 and Program Sample
  • Food Nights
    Local eateries donate a percentage of sale of dine-in and take-out orders on designated evenings to the Walton Orchestra. All proceeds go to the general Orchestra budget. Please see the orchestra calendar for the upcoming food nights!
  • Publix swipe cards
    By swiping a Walton Orchestra Publix card, Publix donates a percentage of the total sale to the Orchestra’s general fund.
  • Tervis
    Walton Orchestra is the sole provider of the Walton Tervis collection. We have a 16oz, 24oz, and water bottle available for purchase.

Lastly, there are numerous business/corporations that have matching gift programs. If you or someone you know would like to make a contribution to WROG, please let us know.