Safety Plan Update

We wanted to update on you our plans for safety in the time of Covid in the orchestra room as you are making your plans. These are slightly updated from when we first announced them this summer. Dr. Holbrook and Mrs. Grimes have been on the planning committee for high school orchestra for the district, and we are collaborating with orchestra directors from around the country to have the best and research-based procedures in place. We will continue to update and refine this plan. Here are some of the in-person procedures we are planning as of now:

– Chairs in the orchestra room will be arranged in a grid formation so students can be socially distant from other students on all sides. Each space will be marked with a number so students can find their seat easily.

– Students will no longer share stands or have stand partners.

– Music folders will no longer be shared. Each student will be responsible for either printing their own music or having a device with their music. This will help us eliminate touchpoints.

– In accordance with the Walton guidelines, we will expect that all students will wear face coverings—and we will be wearing face coverings too.

– All students must hand sanitize or wash their hands for 20 seconds prior to orchestra class.

– Students will be sent to the instrument locker room in small groups both at the beginning and end of class. Students within the same class will not have lockers on the same column.

– Violin, viola, and cello students will be asked to download a tuning app on their phone. We are recommending Simply Tuner (free on both Apple and Android devices). Bass tuners will remain on the basses.

– Each student will need their own rosin, pencil, and rock stop as we will no longer be sharing these items.

– School cello and basses will be wiped down and sanitized between each use using an disinfectant designed for use against Covid-19.

– We highly recommend that all in person cello and bass students also have an instrument at home.

– Practice rooms will be closed.

– The water fountain in the orchestra room will be turned off. Students should bring their own water bottles every day.

– Chamber Rehearsals will be virtual.

– Live concerts are still on pause, but we will be ordering the orchestra t-shirts to use in recordings.