Safety Plan Update

We wanted to update on you our plans for safety in the time of Covid in the orchestra room as you are making your plans. Dr. Holbrook and Mrs. Grimes have been on the planning committee for high school orchestra for the district, and we are collaborating with orchestra directors from around the country to have the best and research-based procedures in place. We will continue to update and refine this plan.

– Chairs in the orchestra room will be arranged so that each space will be marked with a number so students can find their seat easily.

– All students must hand sanitize or wash their hands for 20 seconds prior to orchestra class.

– Students will should not linger in the locker room.

– Each student will need their own pencil.

– School cello and basses will be wiped down and sanitized if there is a positive case.

– Cello and bass students are expected to have an instrument at home.

– Practice rooms must be checked out with a director.