Concert Etiquette

Written by Sophie Beaudet, Orchestra President 2019-2020

Concert etiquette can be hard and confusing to understand sometimes: that’s okay! Walton Orchestra believes that teaching young musicians proper concert etiquette can help the group playing and the enjoyment of the listener. Here are a couple of the do’s and don’ts of classical concerts! 


  • Sit quietly and respectfully
  • Clap when the song is over
  • Clap when a solo is finished
  • Move into the audience between pieces or groups
  • Put your phone on silent 
  • Remove an upset small child imemdiately  
  • Stop talking when the director introduces the concertmaster/ concertmistress 


  • Talk: Be respectful! You can talk after!
  • Check your phone or play on your phone
  • Get up in the middle of a piece
  • Be late
  • Bring food into the theater
  • Clap between movements, if there are 2 or more 
  • Wear a hat in the theater
  • Block anyone if you are filming