How to buy ED medicines safely from an online pharmacy in Marietta, GA

Do you want to find the best deals on erectile dysfunctions medications online? This compendium of affordable online pharmacies in Marietta, Georgia can help you with that. We choose the top 4 of them, based on your ratings and reviews.

Lacey’s Marietta Pharmacy
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.3
Customer feedback:

Lacey’s Marietta Pharmacy When my Dr sends in a prescription and shows up several hours later to pick it up, it has never been ready. I have often been told “it was never received,” but when they look, it is miraculously found. Everyone else I know in town has had the same experience. I’m always told how busy they are, which translates to me that they don’t have enough staff to handle the business they have. I really don’t understand why it becomes my problem. I wouldn’t go here if there was a more convenient location for me.

If I could give this place 0 stars, I would. Broke my foot around September of 2019, picked up a knee walker in February of 2020. The walker I received was sub-par at best. The cushion on the seat is almost nonexistent, the hinges didn’t move, and one of the wheels was stuck. I found I was continuously getting bills, so I called them back to find out why. Just spoke to the office manager who told me that it was a rental and that “Any reasonable person would know this.” Extremely rude on the phone and kept implying that I was “Unreasonable.” Currently waiting on a call back because she refused to give me their number so I could speak to them directly. I have never experienced customer service so horrendous. UPDATE Just spoke to Jonathan, the operations manager, and he quickly remedied the situation in a very calm and professional manner. I am pleased with the outcome and due to my conversation with him, and his excellent customer service, would recommend these services.

Mountainview Pharmacy
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.1
Customer feedback:

I have been getting the same medication for years, but the one time I get it from here, it gives me all kinds of problems. I looked up the manufacturer that they get the medicine from and compared it to previous manufactures that I have got from with other pharmacies, and they buy from cheapest drug manufacturers on the market. All kinds of fillers and chemicals that I haven’t even heard of. Make sure to do your research.

Mountainview Pharmacy. They mostly always mess up orders. If you have to deal with the IV department, always ask for a printed receipt, count parts, and make sure they give you everything you need. They gave us the wrong pieces, faulty IV lines, overcharge. It is a pain whenever you get something wrong and have to go all the way back to deal with the situation. Especially when the patient depends on a treatment to feel good, recover or be stable.

ViaQX Pharmacy
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.4
Customer feedback:

ViaQX Pharmacy Shopped at Wal-Mart, & then went to the pharmacy as the line was long earlier. While it was early afternoon, it was closed. The posted hours (See photo) said 9-7. Frustrating. If there is a deviation from the posted hours, it would be helpful to have an explanatory sign near the posted hours.

Ask for Alexis. She knows her stuff and will find discounts to get you the best price. I recommend all my friends to this Walmart because of her.

East Marietta Drugs
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.5
Customer feedback:

East Marietta Drugs Worst drive-thru ever… waited in line 45min because the person in front of me had insurance issues. Really?? Have them drive around and attend to the rest of us… we shouldn’t have to wait because someone else is having issues. I recommend retraining for drive-thru workers.

Have been using this pharmacy for 20 years and only recently have had problems with retrieving my medication. Get a voicemail saying it is ready and get there it’s now “back-ordered” and has been going on 3 weeks now……..worst pharmacy ever bad service nothing personal but definitely need to fix something here. When I told the lady, I was just going to find another pharmacy to deal with, I was told, “that’s fine thanks” great loyalty to longtime customers.