Charms Instructions

Charms Login

School Code: WaltonHSOrch

Where it says “Student Area Password” enter your student’s ID NUMBER (this is your student’s lunch/textbook number).  This will bring up the main parent page.  This will allow you to look at your child’s program’s public calendar, event list, handouts and other files. Please familiarize yourself with the following areas:

  • Calendar: Clicking on an event on the calendar brings up the details for that event, such as times, attendance requirements and equipment/uniform necessities.  Clicking on “event list” puts all of the calendar information in a list form for easy printing. You can also sync the calendar to your smart-phone!
  • Volunteer Needs: Clicking on Volunteer Needs gives you the dates and ways that we need volunteers. Check back often for new opportunities.
  • E-mail Directors: You can e-mail the directors right from the Charms screen.
  • Handouts & Files: Find our handbook, forms, information sheets, audition excerpts, and other important files to download.
  • Website: Links you back to the Walton Orchestra website.
  • Forms Collected: Shows you which forms your student has turned in and which are still outstanding. They also link back to the required forms.
  • Absences: Clicking on this will show you your student’s attendance record from required after school rehearsals and events.
  • Point System: This section tells you how your student is progressing towards earning an orchestra letter. See the Orchestra Handbook for specifics on lettering.
  • Inventory: If your student has a school-owned instrument, the information will be here.
  • Update Info: Student information form – you may make changes to your child’s student information and parents’ page (such as updating phone numbers and email addresses if they change) to help the teachers communicate with you more effectively. If you make changes, click update. We do not need parents’ drivers license information.
  • News Items: News items will show in the top right corner. Select this for the most up-to-date news in orchestra.