Chamber Society from Kristy Fan

Hello Chamber Society! Kristy here. First order of business is community service. A group should at Sunrise every other Saturday (Sept 8th being the next one), so email me at if your group wants to sign up for a day! You will need to play half an hour from 1:00 to 1:30, but get there a little earlier than 1:00 so you can set up and tune. You should bring your instrument, music, tuner, shoulder rest/rock stop, and stand. You can play wedding music or whatever your quartet has played together. Sunrise is located at 1551 Johnson Ferry Rd 30062.
Now rehearsals. Chamber Society will have rehearsals every Wednesday WEB from 1:00-3:00 and every Monday from 3:30 to 6:00 until November 15th, the concert date. BUT WAIT! You don’t have to come to all of them. You should come to as many as you need to sound perfect for the concert or Sunrise. The November 5th or November 12th rehearsal is mandatory. Your group should sign in and out every time you practice in the orchestra room so that I can keep track of community service hours. The sign in sheet will be hung up in a prominent place, so never fear!
New groups should practice wedding music because it’s a nice starter. The practice parts for that will be ready by Wednesday (8/29) morning. They will be in the front of the orchestra room where all the other practice parts are.
Alright, that’s it! Have fun in Chamber Society this year!
These are the rehearsals planned for this year.

WEB- August 29th

Monday- September 10th

WEB- September 12th
Monday- September 17th
WEB- September 19th
Monday- September 24th
Monday- October 1st
Monday- October 8th
WEB- October 10th
Monday- October 15th
WEB- October 17th
Monday- October 22nd
WEB- October 24th
Monday- October 29th
WEB- October 31st
Monday- November 5th
Monday- November 12th
WEB- November 14th
CONCERT- November 15th